Foodie Friday: PIZZA PIZZA!

…munching down on a heavenly piece of complimentary sea salt chocolate chip cookie from The Luggage Room.

necklace + betsey johnson
cardigan + forever 21
black top + eyelet shorts = DKNY

It was a beautiful and relaxing weekend spent with family and friends.
For the longest time my favorite Pizzeria has been Pizzeria Mozza.

I go Pizza-gaga for their Fennel Sausage, Panna, Red Onion & Scallions Pizza. The fennel sausage is made in-house, so yummy~

I always order at least 1, 2, or 3 different types of pizzas when I come here. I love the consistency of the crust here. Mario Batali sure knows how to prepare his dough.

Another must try pizza is the Egg, Bacon, Yukon gold Potato & Bermuda Onion. Such great combinations of texture and flavors.

So this is the story of how I stumbled upon another pizzeria comparable to Pizzeria Mozza. On a bright and sunny, perfect sunday afternoon my family and I decided to do brunch at La Grande Orange Café. We’ve had dinner there before and it was so good, so we decided to return for brunch. BUT…it was a 45 min wait, so suggested we ditch the line and go next door to The Luggage Room Pizzeria for pizza, it was seriously the best decision of my life.

I now introduce to you *drums roll*

Italian sausage, fennel, roasted peppers and red sauce- $14. I know it sounds simple, but I really think it’s the way they prepared it. The ingredients were super fresh and they packed a lot of it on the pizza, yet it didn’t weigh the crust down, it was still the perfect crisp.

Next *drums roll again*

Prosciutto di san daniele, figs, maytag blue cheese, arugula- $17. Please let me apologize because my photo does not do this pizza justice. I will eat this entire pizza to myself next time. No sharing because it is that amazing~
Each. Bite. Was. Heavenly.

I couldn’t ask for a more better Pizza experience. At the end of all this pizza goodness, I left The Luggage Room Pizzeria with a complimentary handful of sea salt chocolate chip cookies.
I’m so happy!


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